Monday, February 23, 2009


Yesterday I had the provilege of hearing Christopher Yuan's amazing testimony. His parents story was equally inspirational. I want to be like his mother. I want to have the endurance to stand in the gap and be able to be an intercessor for my loved ones, whatever it takes, and for however long. Christopher spoke of desiring a life of holiness. In my own reading in James, the word pure keeps appearing. I want that. I desire a pure heart and mind. And I too want to run this race and at the end hear that I have done well. I need to turn my thoughts to how I can do well today and even this week. :) I had better get out of this chair and get to it! Although it is bitterly cold here today, it looks beautiful outside. I hope that you enjoy your day!

1 comment:

  1. I understand.

    The words I dream to hear: "Well done my faithful daughter."

    I also understand the desire to be that good example to our daughters. Everyday I ask myself have I lead Annika & even Magnus in the right direction today? Is my example one of a woman of faith? I hope so, I pray so.

    Have a great Monday!! Keep warm it is COLD out there today!!