Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

We were able to spring my husband from the hospital yesterday. I am so use to being the sick, fragile one over the years that I hardly know what to do here on the other side! Every day there seems to be improvement and we are Thankful!

I finished Blackbirds by Calico Printworks from their book Scraps Again. It was a good weekend to just do mindless binding. I am in a Blackbird funk. I am also stitching another Blackbird piece. For this quilt I used what I had and only had to buy a $10 spool of thread to quilt it. Finishes are so great! I started this years ago and I am glad to be done. I will try to get a label on the back tonight. I have been pouring over old magazines and books and making a pile of things that I would like to work on. I am drawn to a lot of basket quilts which I have never made, or finished. I need to remain focused though and keep working on a few things that I have out. I am working on a Joined at the Hip quilt. I have one more block to do and then I am stuck. There is suppose to be an American flag on the top and bottom but I am not wanting the quilt to go in that direction but I think that it will need something. I have the flags made already. I could just throw them on and be done with it...we'll see. I have been digging and digging in my fabric boxes for fabrics to use on these projects and I am refamiliarizing myself with some old projects. Maybe I can learn to love them again! :) I hope that you are having a good day whether it is starting something, finishing something, or bringing a loved one home!

I am thankful for my family!

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