Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They're Back!

Itttt MMMMust BBBBe SSSSSSummer (teeth chattering). We put on all of our layers, winter hats, blankets, and grabbed our lawn chairs and got down to the beach last night to hear the municipal band kick off their summer series. This is one of the highlights of summer for me. No, we weren't the only ones there. There were other crazy folk there too. And like other summers, I trust it will get warmer. I don't understand how their fingers could fly through those notes. It had to have been painful. I love the conductor. He tells corny jokes and gives historical backgrounds to each of the pieces. I love a good corny joke.
The girls and I are going to head to Menard's with my husband's gift card to buy some plants for our garden. I guess I get a garden after all. Never say "Never". I asked the children yesterday what they would like to put in the garden. All I could get out of them was "Venus fly traps" or a "pitcher plant". I think that I will have to do all of the work in the garden too. Happy Planting to you today!

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